Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Change in the Ponbu

With the departure of Elder Bullen, we welcome the wonderful, delightful and talented Elder Lallatin to the Ponbu in his new assignment at mission recorder/statistician/supply manager. He is key to the smooth running of the mission office, for which we are so grateful!


Anonymous said...

Is it possible that the new "wonderful, delightful, and talented" mission recorder is now also helping update the web-page?

Anonymous said...

If he is, he missed "handsome and smart - like his dad". We love you Elder Lallatin. Mom and Dad

Korea Daejeon Mission said...

No, the blog is totally my baby! :), created for the enjoyment of missionaries' parents, family and friends. Missionaries are not allowed to visit the site (or any other internet site except for email) until they return home!
I will say, the talented (and all those other things you said) Elder Lallatin does make the stat slides that he prepares for zone conference very entertaining! I really love him!