Thursday, January 31, 2008

More Missionary Quotes

The Lord taught me things in the very moment I needed them, I was explaining doctrine I didn’t know I knew, in Korean that I don’t know. It was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had on my mission. The Lord truly does qualify those he calls. Oh man, it was great. I love this work!

Another good week! We focused real hard on filling the pipeline and it happened this week! We had new investigators taught this week, and it seems like so many more on the verge. It goes to show that working hard on contact goals is worth it!

Today was brilliant! Park Chong Kuk entered into the covenant of baptism and started on the path to returning to his Father in Heaven. It is so amazing to me to think about how much he has progressed since the first time we met him. My joy is full in knowing that God has used me and my companions as instruments in helping this young man find the truth and living the way God would have him. I was able to see clearer than ever the powerful influence for good the gospel has in the lives of those who embrace it. I am so thankful for this wonderful experience.

This week proselyting was more difficult than usual. Although we were rejected, laughed at, etc. we felt close to the Savior and we ended up finding some incredible people. One woman sat down to listen to us talking to another person, and afterward stayed to hear our message and ask us questions for over an hour at a bus stop. We’re excited to meet her in the coming week.

While praying I had revelation that as we strictly follow Preach My Gospel – the method that the Lord has given his servants for missionary work, we would have success. As we move away from Preach My Gospel, we would have no success. It’s like the gospel itself. You can try all kinds of things and philosophies to try to gain peace and remission of sins, but nothing will really work fully except the Lord's appointed way.

Well all I can say is that this week was great. Other than being sick, this week was the best week I have had on my mission. Our investigators are awesome. I have never spent so much time on my knees for these investigators. I love them so much and would give anything for their progression in the gospel.

I can’t really express how it feels to see someone apply the teaching of the gospel in their lives for the first time and experience the benefits and blessings that we try so hard to share with people. It’s better than sacking a quarterback or dunking a basketball ANYDAY! I love being a missionary!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Winter English Camp 2008

Daejeon Stake English Camp

The Daejeon zone missionaries participated in a 3-day English Camp sponsored by the Daejeon Stake. Over 160 youth aged 12-18 attended, of which 65% were guests of church members. Throughout the mission, missionaries teach English classes on a weekly basis in their areas as a service and to build rapport with the community. We always hope and plan that these classes will generate interest in learning about the gospel.
We are excited that the English Camp was such a success to be extremely well organized and attended. The missionaries worked (and played) hard with their groups. They each were responsible for a creative booth to teach (14 times a day!) a language concept. Three well known and nationally popular guests presented seminars during the event including Robert Holley, who served his mission in Pusan, known for his success in TV and radio as well as a developer of several foreign schools throughout the country. PJ Rogers, otherwise known as Kim Mi Nam, is also a returned missionary from the Seoul West Mission, and a popular TV and radio personality who lives in Korea as a business consultant. President Perriton is also well known as the former President of GM Korea, giving rebirth to the very successful Daewoo name in Korea.
Above are some photos of missionaries at the event, including a demonstration to help teach line dancing!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Missionary Quotes

Every week President Perriton receives personal letters from each missionary. He highlights some of the stories and quotes at zone conference each transfer. Following are some excerpts we'd like to share with you:

*The Lord truly directs our paths. It’s so strangely coincidental that these people would let us in, that I choose to believe it’s no coincidence at all.

*Our family is doing great. We’ve done our best to contact them every day. At first I was scared of smothering them. But today, when the dad prayed, he asked Heavenly Father to help the missionaries not be afraid and come over more often. I feel that if we’re there any more than we already are, we might as well move in! I believe it’s true that there are those who are prepared by the hand of the Lord to receive the gospel. Finding “those that will receive you” has found a more special place in me and the way I do missionary work.

*As I’ve worked on my goal this last transfer to gain greater spiritual power by having a good companionship relationship, I’ve come to realize just how important it is. When you plan and prepare together, you can feel the spirit together, which qualifies you to teach by the mouths of two witnesses.

*I have been thinking about my time as a missionary and I want to be the missionary that I thought I would be before I went into the mission field. Like Brother Joseph or Alma, really go up and bear testimony to everyone, sound the gospel in every ear, plan with fire and ferocity, pray for the spirit, really make the effort that it takes to connect with my ministerial power as a missionary. These thoughts motivate me to keep me going.

*We got a baptism date! We are sooooo happy. I can’t describe the joy that I feel.

*Wahoo! We have a baptismal date!!! Oh man, every hard day just flew out the window. Oh man, it’s so cool to see a person understand, grow and progress! I am so excited.

*Wow! What a special week! Our investigator was baptized yesterday. It is truly amazing to see the spirit touch someone’s life. Another investigator, scheduled to be baptized next week came to church and stayed to watch the baptism. After the closing prayer, he stood up and said, “OK Now it's my turn!” Happiness filled me at that moment like it never has before!

*Another great week! How could it not be when you are a missionary in Daejeon Korea?!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

January Zone Conferences

All the missionaries love to meet together for zone conferences. It is a day full of spiritual (and temporal) feasting! We have five zones, but usually combine the East and West Gwangju zones and also the Daejeon and Jeonju zones. Cheongju goes it alone! Some missionaries still have to travel 2-3 hours from their assigned areas to attend.

December 2007 Departures and Arrivals

Newly Arrived Missionaries and their trainers

One Sister and One Elder Leaving
Eight New Arrivals

November 2007 Departures and Arrivals

October 2007 Departure and Arrivals

One lone Elder went home, six new missionaries arrived!

August 2007 Departures and Arrivals

First Missionaries We Met In Korea

This is the first group of AP's and office staff Elders that we met upon arrival. They are seriously fun.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Our First Hello and Goodbyes July 2007

At the MTC June 2007
Departures July 2007
New Arrivals July 2007

Transfer week is when we welcome newly arrived missionaries as well as say "See you later" to those departing. This happens every six weeks. Rather than in weeks or months, missionaries count time in "transfers" of six week increments. They receive a new daily planner every transfer, have a personal interview with the President every transfer, possibly move or get a new companion every transfer, attend zone conference every transfer, etc. Life revolves in a continuous cycle of transfers that is both comforting and at times distressing. How thrilled we are to meet our new missionaries who arrive full of excitement, wonder and enthusiasm, and how we weep to say goodbye to those we have come to know and love so deeply and who have all served so faithfully and well. We are now in our sixth transfer cycle since we arrived on July 1, 2007. Above are some photos of the donghees. (groups who arrived in the country together) Click on photos to enlarge for better viewing.