Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Gift Exchange and Cookie Decorating

Missionaries' Merry Christmas!

On Wednesday, December 23rd, the north half of the mission met at the Daejeon Stake Center for a day of Christmas celebration. The agenda included a video clip of each missionary, after which we watched The Polar Express. We used the theme of "I Believe in Miracles" throughout the day. After a Christmas luncheon we exchanged gifts and decorated gingerbread cookies. Finally, we adjourned to the chapel and enjoyed a wonderful program of music and scripture. A joyful time was had by all!
This A-frame is called a chigae. It has traditionally been used by Korean farmers and vendors to carry their wares. Without the basket, it is astounding to see what can be carried on a person's back! The pole is used to prop against the frame while resting. We piled all the white elephant gifts that the missionaries brought to the party in the basket as our main decoration of the day!

As a gift to Pres. Perriton, I made this gift as an office decoration: a paper chain with the names of all 253 people baptized in 2009 - The highest number of baptisms since 1999. Each link is a precious soul that we are so thankful to have brought into the fold!
A big THANK YOU to Elder and Sister Pierce for all their help to make our Christmas parties a wonderful success!

Happy Birthdays to Elder Brown, Ko, and Sisters Eagar and McKay!
Daejeon Zone, including our Daejeon Stake President, Sol Yang Hwan and his wife, Sister Kim
Daejeon Zone, District A

Daejeon Zone, District B

Daejeon Zone, District C

Cheongju Zone, including our Cheongju Stake Pres. Jung Tae Gul and his wife, Sister Kim
Cheongju Zone, District A - two of our lovely sisters wore their Hanbok, traditional Korean dress in beautiful Christmas color!

Cheongju Zone, District B

Cheongju Zone, District C

On Christmas Day, the south end of the mission gathered together at the Jeonju Stake Center. We followed the same program as on Wednesday. We have so much musical talent in the mission for which we are very grateful. On each day we had several missionaries share their talents in special musical numbers during the program. Our amazing Elder Anderson wrote a beautiful background score for the piano that played throughout the readings, and a wonderful arrangement of What Child is This, played by two of our accomplished pianists at each of the parties.

Happy Birthday to Elder Barzee on this very Christmas Day! and also to Elders Bulloch and Lallatin during this transfer period!

Jeonju Zone

Jeonju Zone, District A

Jeonju Zone, District B

West Gwangju Zone

West Gwangju Zone, District A

West Gwangju Zone, District B

East Gwangju Zone

East Gwangju Zone, District A
East Gwangju Zone, District B

Monday, December 21, 2009

December's Zone Leader Council

Left to right, front row: Elders Choi Kwang Hyun, Richards, Anderson, Ha Young Soo, Barzee
Back row: Elders Baek Seung Ik, Millard, Duckworth, Shrack, Lish, Hill and Henderson

End of year zone leader council was intense! New mission goals for 2010 were discussed, and some major new decisions made, i.e. monthly zone conferences instead of once a transfer. Since planning, goal setting, working with ward and branch leaders, and reporting stats are all on a monthly schedule, we feel it will increase efficiency and growth to have our zone conferences coincide with the monthly calendar. This new change will begin in January.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Saturday, December 12, 2009

New Faces in the Ponbu!

Elders Richards, Choi Soo Hong
and newly assigned Elders Bullen and Duckworth
Elders Richards, Choi Soo Hong, and departed Cha Yo Na and Bardsley

With this latest transfer, our Supply Manager/Statistician and an AP went home. Filling their old, tired, wornout and precious shoes are Elders Bullen and Duckworth. Transfer week is always pretty hectic, but these Elders make it look easy! They have the double task of their office responsibilities as well as proselyting their own areas and are always very busy!

Fly Away Home!

L to R: Elder Austin Boyce, Sister Katie Burgess, Elder Cha Yo Na and Elder Jesse Bardsley
Elder Michael Gambles
Sister Ahn Soon Young

As I write this three of our returning missionaries are on that long flight back home. Two native missionaries didn't have all that far to go, and we were heartbroken to say goodbye to one special Elder way too early for a needed medical release. It never gets any easier to see them leave, but we know they are headed for wonderful new adventures.

Friday, December 11, 2009

We Got Two Fantastic New Missionaries for Christmas!

Just arrived at Incheon airport
So brave! Trying the bondaegi (silkworm larvae) at their first Korean meal!
New Missionaries and their trainers:
Sisters Rebecca O'Bryan, Jung Eun Joo, Jessica Moynihan and Laura Kelley

We were thrilled to meet two delightful, energetic, well-prepared new Sisters at the airport this week! We don't quite understand why we are so blessed to receive the best missionaries in the world, but we just keep getting them, and are SO happy!

Monday, November 30, 2009

More Baptisms!

This is just a smidgeon of the recent baptisms. In the month of November we had 24!

New Blog Background!

Don't you love the new blog design?! A big Thank You goes to Helena Ahlstrom Jole, former Taejon (92-93) missionary, with a whole lot of wonderful artistic talent and generosity! I hope she doesn't mind that I found this old, fuzzy photo! I love it!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Perfect Missionary Apartment

We are visiting every apartment in the mission this transfer, and this one in Suncheon blew me away, I just had to document it! Most missionaries live in rather old and well worn buildings and this one is no exception. I have been to this apartment several times, but it has been transformed by these two sisters who demonstrate how lovely and comfortable even an old house can be when cared for with simplicity and an eye single to the work they are engaged in. We are only a little more than half finished with our visits, but so far, every apartment has been quite clean and acceptable! You can rest assured that your children are not living in squalor!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Short Slideshow from Zone Conferences

Sorry there aren't more pictures this time!

November Zone Conferences

Jeonju Zone
West Gwangju Zone
East Gwangju Zone
Saeng Il Chooka Hamnida Elders Bardsley, Kang In Hee, Blotter and Ha Young Soo
Cheongju Zone
Daejeon Zone
Happy Birthday to Elders Huffaker, Pierce, Gygi, Stimpson, Bardsley, Lim Sung Jin, Ahn Min and Hill!

November Zone Leader Council

Front to back, L to R: Elders Cha Yo Na, Baek Seung Ik, Ha Young Soo, Gambles, Lish, Boyce, Barzee, Duckworth, Crosland, Pres. Perriton, Elders Millard, Hill and Richards.
Zone leaders enjoyed a full day of planning for the next week's zone conferences.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Music Fireside

Some of the missionaries in the West Gwangju zone planned a wonderful fireside with music and testimonies interspersed by both missionaries and new converts. The music numbers chosen told the story of the restoration of the gospel. There were many investigators in attendance, and the program was wonderful!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Dearly Departed Missionaries!

We wish the very best to this group of good looking, hard working missionaries as they return home. Left to right: Sister Alder, Elders Brandley, McCaffree, Messegee and Sister Bourgeous
We love you!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Welcome to the Mission!

New missionaries with their trainers! Left to Right: Elders Selman, Han Gi Seok, Cho Min Hyung and Cook, and Sisters Lee Se Ri, Rees, Miller, Ahn Nah Yeon, Eagar and Lee Saet Byul

Enjoying lunch at our favorite local restaurant
Sister Ahn Nah Yeon and her twin sister (going to the Pusan Mission)
said a difficult "goodbye" at the airport

Wow! What a wonderful bunch of new missionaries we received this week! They arrive with enthusiasm and energy that invigorates the whole mission! We are blessed!