Tuesday, June 29, 2010


It's been awhile since baptism pictures were posted. I wish I had all that have taken place, but mostly these are the ones that we have attended over the past few months. Attending baptisms and witnessing the harvest after a sometimes very long planting season is so thrilling! I feel so very blessed for the opportunity! Some missionaries don't actually see the fruits of their own labors, but every missionary who has had a part in the process is fulfilling their purpose and is an important part of the eventual success.
(If you move your cursor onto a picture, it will pause the slideshow until you move the cursor away)


andersonarchives said...

Wonderful slide show!

gjul123 said...

Can anyone tell me how to pronounce "Daejeon" Our son is going to serve there soon and we are not sure how to say it when we tell people where he is going.