Saturday, June 26, 2010

Enjoying Local Korean Culture

A shadow shot, taken looking straight down from the bridge

I carried a postcard picture of this bridge around for 10 years, and finally discovered that not only was it within our mission boundaries, but a mere 30 minutes from Daejeon! This hike epitomizes opposition in all things. It claims the most injuries of any hiking spot in Korea, and is a tough hike, climbing up and over boulders and rough, steep trails. But the beauty is breathtaking, and the bridge and ladder suspended between mountain peaks are exhilarating. I LOVE this place!
Elder Pierce leads the way!

Elders hiked from here
to here!

We spent some time on a couple of preparation days to show the office staff some of the beautiful sites near Daejeon. SangGoksa, in Gongju, is a Buddhist retreat that boasts over 10,000 Buddahs, an amazing sight to behold. Daedunsan is a popular mountain hike. You can take a cable car part way up (or not) and then hike up to the suspension bridge and then a little further to a suspended ladder, and then another last push to the apex with a gorgeous panoramic view of the whole surrounding valley.


Helena said...

I've got some great pics from a zone activity at Daedunsan. It was so gorgeous in the fall, and the fields around the parking lot were all full of cosmos.

Meriah Moffat said...

I've been to both these places! Both are breathtaking. Ah, I just love Korea.

mamapickle said...

some great pictures. and a great hike, even with kids packed like a sack of potatoes.

andersonarchives said...

Thats our Elder Anderson...always reaching for the highest heights! Please give our love to him :)Thanks for sharing these great pics. We love this blog!!!