Thursday, March 25, 2010

March Zone Conferences

We were delighted with special guests from our Asia North Area Medical Advisors, Elder and Sister Mead and Elder and Sister Brown. They gave wonderful presentations on how to protect and maintain good physical and mental health while serving rigorous missions. Along with expressions of faith and testimony, their visit was a wonderful blessing and enhancement to our zone conferences!
Daejeon Zone
Cheongju Zone
Suwon Zone
Happy Birthday and Saeng-il Chuka Hamnida to Elder Elliott, Sister Crowther and Kil, Elders Treufaht, Stephens, Sumsion, Tegai and Duckworth!
West Gwangju Zone
East Gwangju Zone
Jeonju Zone
We sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY and gave out little gifts to Elders Anderson, A. Morin & D. Morin, Elder Thorkelson, Sister Oh Min Jeong, and Elders Jube, Nelson and Duckworth!
Sisters from the Cheongju and Daejeon Zones. At this time there are no sisters serving in the Suwon Zone.
Sisters from the Jeonju, East and West Gwangju Zones

Elders David (R) and Alexandre(L) Morin had a joyful reunion this morning as they met for the first time since saying goodbye on the day of their arrival in Korea nearly a year and half ago. Alexandre has been serving in the Seoul West Mission until the recent transfer of twelve Elders to the Daejeon Mission. Happy day!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Left to Right, front to back: Elders Thomas, Duckworth, Kang, Shrack, Choi, Han, Richards, Anderson, Bulloch, Gygi, Stephens, McArthur, Pres. Perriton, Elders Jube and Kappas.

This group of Zone Leaders is larger than usual with the new addition of the Suwon Zone. Elders enjoyed a great day of planning and preparing for upcoming zone conferences.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Newcomer to the Ponbu

With this last transfer, we had a changeup in the Mission Office staff. Elder Choi Hong Soo returned to the field to serve in Nonsan and Elder Cho Min Hyeung came in to serve as Administrative Assistant to the President.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Welcome to the Suwon Zone!

The former Suwon Zone, with President and Sister Burton, front left to right: Elders Bae and Kappas, Elder and Sister Wright, President and Sister Burton, Elders Sorensen, Nye. Back: Elders Fertig, Jube, Morin, Nordfelt, Thomas, Pearson, Nelson and Curriden. A very fine looking group!

The new Suwon Zone, including Elders Conley, Selman and Choi who will be moving in from more southern areas.

Oh, it was a happy day on Friday when we were able to meet the 12 wonderful new missionaries and Senior Couple who have been officially transferred to the Daejeon Mission from the Seoul West Mission. High emotion and great gratitude were experienced by all in this historic move. We were able to spend a couple of hours and share a meal together, and had a chance to express feelings and testimony. We are so blessed!

Gone But Never Forgotten!

Elder Ha Young Soo left a few days earlier than the rest to be able to begin his school term on time. It was wonderful to meet his delightful family!
We said a difficult and emotional farewell to a record number of departing missionaries. How we love them and will miss them SO much! We wish the VERY best to Elders Ko Hong Soon, Ahn Min, Baek In Woo, Zachary Huffaker, Baek Seung Ik, Joshua Freckleton, Randall Cox and Sisters Katie Jensen, Jessica Moynihan, Angela Erickson, Jessica Miller, Lee Se Ri, Connie Fairbanks, and Mallory Eagar.
Waiting on the train platform for the KTX to take them to Seoul to attend the temple.

Our New Arrivals!

Welcome Sisters Seo Ye Ji, Megan Warner, Janae Richey, Jung JiYeon, Elders Kim Sung Won and Kim Hak Pyeung!

Private training session with President and the AP's

Just before departing to their first areas with their trainers - Back: Sisters Jung, Copeland, Thayn, Seo, Richey, Oh, Warner, and Nam. Front: Elders Park, Kim, Kim and Millard. This is such an exciting time!

We are so happy to welcome six new missionaries to the best mission in the world! We enjoyed two wonderful days getting to know them and feel our kindred spirits meld! We can tell they are going to be amazing missionaries!