Sunday, August 23, 2009


Sister Choi Yun Jo, Elders Byun Chang Ki (departing Sept 3), Jordan Brown, Gavin Baker, Kim Jin Gyeom, and Brad Murdoch
Ah! Again, we have to say anyanghasayo to more wonderful missionaries. It only eases the pain to know that we will meet again someday! We love them so much and wish them a very happy return to their homes and families.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

August 2009 Zone Conferences

Cheongju Zone
Daejeon Zone
West Gwangju Zone
East Gwangju Zone
Jeonju Zone

August Zone Leader Council

Elders Crosland, Ha, Barzee, Boyce, Brandley, Stimpson, Cook, Lish, Byun, Richards, Gambles and Kang.
Sorry I missed posting this earlier. This photo of Zone Leaders was taken on August 10th!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Korean Worldwide Young Adult Conference

Near the center is Shaun Riley, an Australian member of one of our Daejeon wards, on his way to attend the conference and traveling on the same train.

A whole train full of missionaries!

Our native-born Korean missionaries were delighted to be invited to attend the closing session of the young adult conference that was held in Seoul last week where the highlight was having Quentin L. Cook, from the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and Claudio R M Costa of the Presidency of the 70 speak. Our newly called Area Authority 70's and Area Presidency were also in attendance. We traveled together to Seoul on the KTX train and were escorted to front row seats while greeted with audience applause that was so wonderfully emotional! Everyone enjoyed a very special day together, and returned home grateful for the uplifting experience.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Summer English Camp 2009

Under the direction of the Stake President, missionaries in the Daejeon Zone were heavily involved in the planning and implementation of English Camp for youth aged 12-18. During this session, 120 youth attended, of which 50% were friends and potential investigators for our missionaries. Camp involves 3 exhausting days of fun games and activities including performing a segment of The Lion King. The Youth were divided into 9 teams and each team prepared to sing and act out a segment of The Lion King. A favorite activity is an evening of line dancing. Our sister missionaries taught nine 45-minute dance classes throughout the day and and by the evening dance had nearly lost their voices and strength from their grueling day. But they persevered, and the dance was a wonderful culmination of their efforts enjoyed by all.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Departing Missionaries

A fond farewell to Sister Sarah Healey, Elders Jordan Hill and
Tyler BennettElder Jordan McCort stayed a few extra days to help out with
English Camp!

We were teaching a lesson at the mission home a few nights ago with the Sister missionaries, and the investigator asked why we are sad when someone dies if the next life is such a great place. She had just been telling us about how her mother was sobbing and sobbing because she was moving out of the house for the first time to go to college. She was able to see the similarity of how painful it is for those left behind when someone they love moves on, even though the separation may be temporary. It's same way I feel when these missionaries who are so dear to my heart go home. Their futures are exciting, and I will see them again, but oh, how I will miss them!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Amazing New Missionaries!

Sisters Annie Judd, Kil Eui Jin and AshLee McKay
We are so pleased to greet three wonderful new missionary sisters! They arrived fresh from the Provo MTC full of excitement and enthusiasm to put to work all that they have been studying! We are so blessed and grateful!

Since their flight arrived earlier than usual, we stopped for supper on the way back from the airport, where tastebuds were introduced to new delights!
After a day and a half of training at the mission office, sisters embark to their first areas of assignment with their new trainers! From Left to Right: Sisters Kil Eui Jin, Mallory Eagar, Sarah Healey, Annie Judd, Katie Burgess, Lee Se Ri, Lee Hye Jin, AshLee McKay and Connie Fairbanks.

Training Day lunch at our favorite neighborhood restaurant!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Two-Minute Insights Shared by Sister Missionaries

Sister Jensen - The widow’s mite – it may not seem like someone is giving their all. Don’t judge/compare yourself or others. Just give your best and assume others are doing likewise.

Sister Copeland - Abraham’s example of his willingness to sacrifice his son can be seen (in a lesser degree) in the parents of missionaries who sacrifice their children to the Lord's service for two years.

Sister Eagar We often think that if we take care of ourselves first we will have the energy to complete our tasks, but in missionary work I’ve found that when I forget myself and give everything, I then receive the strength to carry on and experience miracles.

Sister Moynihan Alma 51- interesting analogy to war in heaven.

Sister Lee Se Ri 1 Ne 3:7 The Lord qualifies those he calls. I will go and do because I know he will prepare a way.

Sister Bourgeous Nephi’s desire to know allowed him to receive amazing revelation.

Sister Nam D&C 3:9-12 Seeking signs is not pleasing to the Lord, but we are blessed with a multiplicity of miracles as we act in faith.

Sister Healey Proverbs 3:10; D&C 59:2 – Realizing my divine worth as a daughter of God gives me great joy!

Sister Erickson - A lesson from Mom - Life isn’t to just be endured, but to be enjoyed.

Sister Oh – The Lord repeatedly called Moses “My son”. Later, knowing who he was enabled him to repel Satan’s enticings.

Sister Thayn Some things can’t be changed, worrying doesn’t help. The Lord knows us and loves us and will provide everything that is needful!

Sister Jeong – Reading scriptures used to be difficult, but as I continually read, the Lord uses them to solve my problems, and now I LOVE reading the scriptures!

Sis. Ahn – Mormon 9 – As missionaries we have experience and know that through faith we can do all things.

Sister Choi D&C 38:33 This work is bigger than we could have ever known before our missions. The Lord creates miracles. Nothing can stop it.

Sister Fairbanks Alma 2:30 Pattern of how the Lord gives strength to his people. This same prayer saves us spiritually as well as physically.

Sister Lee Hye Jin Mosiah 24:13 - Just as the Lord delivered his covenant people from bondage, he will deliver us from all suffering and affliction as we serve in righteousness.

Sister Oates The Lord always suffers with us, both the offended and the offender.

Sister Burgess Satan’s power is manifest in opposition. Inspiring thoughts come to our mind in defense. We can be destroyed or strengthened. Endurance brings blessings, miracles.

Sister Stehmeier Reading thru the standard works can sometimes seem boring. I’ve been able to see relevance even in obscure verses, such as the minutely detailed instructions for building a temple reminds me how we have detailed instructions for missionary work, personal worthiness, etc. The Lord cares about the details of our lives.

Sister Miller Some recent Ensign articles tell of how hard missionary work is. They also teach us of how hard things make us better.

Sister Alder D&C 84:88 Angels round about you.....Sometimes it’s hard to see all the help we are getting.