Friday, June 26, 2009

Departing Missionaries

Elders Skyler Krall, Jeong In Hwang, Steven Sadler, Nathaniel Robinson, Marc Mitton, Derek Haight and Sisters Mindy Crockett, Kori Meservy, Lee Sulgee and Kim Tae Yeon
Sister Jo Hyun Ah departed a few days ahead of the others.

Ouch! We say goodbye to 12 missionaries this transfer! What a delight they have been, every one. We are so grateful for our association with these fine missionaries who have served so faithfully and well. We will miss them terribly!

New Summer Arrivals

WELCOME! Sister Erica Oates, Elders Kim In Hyup and Lim Sung Jin
New missionaries and their trainers
Elders Stephens and Kim, Cook and Lim
Sisters Lee Se Ri and Oates

Our newest arrivals had the unfortunate experience of missing their plane connection in Los Angeles on Tuesday, and so we did not receive them until very early Thursday morning. They had a very abbreviated one day of training, and departed for their new areas with their trainers on the same day! (Probably pretty jetlagged) We are wonderful and we are so thankful for their safe arrival.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Office Elders Make History!

What a wonderful surprise we had today to be invited by the office elders to a home-cooked lunch! Chicken curry, rice, a wonderful mixed green salad with lots of yummies in it, and watermelon chunks. This is a first! I was so tickled by their enthusiasm and thoughtfulness, and the food was delicious! Thank you Elders Gardner, Baek and Kim, Byun and Robinson!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

June Zone Conferences

West Gwangju Zone
East Gwangju Zone
Happy June Birthdays to Sister Copeland, Elders Bennett and Lish!
Daejeon Zone

Jeonju Zone
Happy Birthday to Elder Baek, Sister Miller, Elders Carlson, McCort, Krall and Taysom
Cheongju Zone
Happy Birthday Elder Henderson

We enjoyed wonderful zone conferences this past week, focusing our training on "finding" techniques, enhanced preparation for baptism, and 100% obedience! We always have a special musical number at each zone conference where we enjoy the wonderful talents of our missionaries. We had some exceptionally excellent renditions this week. I wish I had a video to share!

Monday, June 1, 2009

June Zone Leader Council

Elders Richards, Baek, Anderson, Hill, Chamberlain, Duckworth, Shrack, Boyce, Brown, Mitton, Byun, Pres. Perriton, Elders Robinson and Ha

We have a new landscape at the mission home, with gorgeous green grass and flowering shrubs! We enjoyed today's ZLC lunch barbecuing in the backyard!

Welcome to the Mission!

We are so grateful to receive a new proselyting missionary couple! Elder Shin Ho Pil and his wife, Cho Gil Ja will be serving for the next 2 years. Their home is within the boundaries of the mission, so they will be able to live at home with a variety of responsibilities to help the work of the Lord move forward in the Gwangju region. They are the parents of 6 children and are wonderfully talented, enthusiastic, and pleased to have this opportunity to serve!