Saturday, January 31, 2009

Visual Motivation!

We have several mottos and sayings in our mission that help missionaries to focus on their goals and experience continual success. In fact, President Perriton has been given the nickname by many of the Korean members of President 2Bae plus Alpha - 2Bae meaning "two times" or double, and "Alpha", meaning "plus at least one more". We had a mission goal to achieve 2Bae plus Alpha baptisms in the year 2008 over what we had in 2007, and the missionaries, wards and stakes became very familiar and excited about our goal. We came within a hair's breath of achieving the goal mission-wide, and in many areas of the mission the goal was surpassed. So we decided to repeat the goal for 2009 and created a visual reminder for missionaries and members to have and carry with them, engraved on their own little plate of brass! We distributed the medallion in either a coin or key fob style for a Lunar New Year gift. Most things on the medallion are printed in both Korean and English. The colored segments on the outside of the 2 bae plus alpha side contain the names of all of the Stakes and Districts of our mission. The scripture in the green circle is from Mark 9:23 - "All things are possible to him that believeth". The blue and red yin and yang design are typical of the unity and harmony symbol depicted on the Korean flag.(The small KDM in the center is for Korea Daejeon Mission) The Chinese character on the red half says"jung", a word that describes a perfect relationship of love and trust, the character on the blue is "il shim", meaning "of one heart and one mind". As we work together with members in these attitudes, our success grows exponentially!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

January 2009 Zone Conferences

Daejeon Zone

Happy Birthday to Elders Greene, Boothe and Chamberlain!

Jeonju Zone

Happy Birthday to Elders Schrack, Jeong In Hwang, Saunders, Greene, Sisters Ahn Soon Young and Jung Eun Joo

West Gwangju Zone

East Gwanngju Zone

Happy Birthday to Elders Lyman, Choi Soo Hong, Bailey, Hansen, Ence

Cheongju Sisters

Cheongju Zone

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Winter English Camp

The Daejeon Stake held their 3rd English Camp in conjunction with the Daejeon Zone missionaries. 130 campers (youth 12-18) enjoyed 3 days of English seminars, guest speakers and fun activities at a mountain resort. Missionaries work hard to plan and run activity booths all day, and get to know all the campers. About 60% of the attendees are friends of church members who we hope will want to continue attending weekly English classes and acquire gospel interest as they meet with missionaries regularly.

Monday, January 12, 2009

January Zone Leader Council

Zone leaders gathered in the Mission Home today to plan for the upcoming Zone Conferences to take place next week.
Left to Right: Elders Lish, Mitton, Byun, Brown, Burton, Greene, Freckleton, Lyman, Saunders, Bailey, Robinson and Taysom

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Arrivals in the New Year

We are so excited to welcome Elder Eric Brassfield and Sister Stephanie Thayn to the mission! They are gems!
Their first meal at a Korean restaurant, learning to manuever chopsticks!

After a day and a half of training, they head off to their new areas with their trainers, Elder Jonathan Ence and Sister Koo Ye Ryung

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Most Recent Departures

We bid a fond farewell to Elder Soukup and Sisters Emily Allred, Kim Su Hyun and Choi Sang Mi
We wish the very best to dearly loved Elder Chezham Sealy
We were sorry to say goodbye to Elder Pak Hoon Min
It was wonderful to meet Elder Kim Hui Jae's family when they came to pick him up last week.

Because of the new semester of school starting soon, our departing missionaries of this transfer period went home a little early. We will receive our new arrivals on January 6th.