Tuesday, September 23, 2008

September Zone Conferences

Happy Birthday to Elders McCaffree, Haycock. Sisters Perriton, Choi Sang Mi and Healey
Cheongju Zone

Daejeon Zone

Happy Birthday to Elder Shaw, Sisters Alder, Mitchell, Perriton, Elders Cianflone, Skabelund, Cox and Cha Yo Na!
Jeonju Zone
West Gwangju

East Gwangju

This month we were happy to have our Area Medical and Mental Health Advisors and their wives visit from Tokyo - Elder and Sister Jarvis and Elder and Sister Brown. They were able to give missionaries wonderful advice on how to stay physically and emotionally healthy.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Chusok!

Left to Right: Elders Mulcahy, Perriton, Brown, Sister Brown, me, Elder and Sister Avery, Elders Ha, Greene, Lyman.

Background is our embroidered screen acquired back in the 70's depicting the Ten Signs of Long Life
Chusok is the 2nd most important holiday in Korea, next to Lunar New Year. It is the celebration of the Fall Harvest. Traditionally, everyone returns to their ancestral homes, pays homage to their ancestors and feasts together. In this modern age, families still honor the centuries-old tradition and gather together despite horrendous traffic restraints. It is delightful to see the beautiful native costumes that some don for the special occasion.
We (the Mission office and Elders) had our own little celebration feast to enjoy and try our hand at making some favorite Korean delicacies.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

September Zone Leader Council

Pres. Perriton, Elders Shaw, Ahn Min, Byun Chung Ki, Quinton, Brandley, Boyce, Haycock, Cianflone, Lyman, Greene, Baek Sung Ik, Ha Young Soo, Kim Hui Jae

New Zone Leaders and AP's enjoyed another great day of planning for upcoming zone conferences.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

September Arrivals

New Missionaries and their Trainers
After a day and half of training from President Perriton and the AP's, the new missionaries meet their new companions and are off to their first areas of service.
Front row L to R: Sisters Lee Se Ri, Lutz, Burgess, Lee Sul Gee, Choi Yun Jo and Blazzard
Row 2: Elders Shrack, Robinson, Stephens, Ence, Millard, Brown
Row 3: Elders Bulloch, Doty, Soukup, Han Gi Seok, Sumsion, Saunders
Top: Elders Duckworth and Sealy

Food, glorious food! Eating on the floor, using chopsticks, exploring new tastes is such a great adventure, and a nice break in a long day of new missionary training.

Wow! What a dynamic group of new missionaries we received this week. We are so blessed!
Sisters Lee Se Ri, Choi Yun Jo, Burgess and Elders Sumsion, Han Gi Seok, Stephens, Bulloch, Duckworth and Millard.

A Fond Farewell

We bid a fond farewell and best wishes to Elder Handy! We love you!